Snookiz provides self care heated solutions for a veriaty of situations

April 22nd 2019
Got them for my mom. She's cold all the time and she absolutely loves them, I'm kinda jealous I wish I would have gotten myself a pair!
Laura CA

December 31th 2018
Bought these as a gift and she loves them. She even uses the insoles in her sneakers when she leaves the house.
Amanda FL

               December 13th 2018           I suffer from plantar fasciitis and microwaving these inserts is so soothing. I wish I could put them in my shoes and wear them all day. I wear in the morning to loosen up the stiff ligaments and then at night after work. Stacy TX

Snookiz Grey Booties with Heated Inserts for Women- Free Shipping. Snookiz Mary Jane style Slippers with Heated Inserts-Free Shipping. Snookiz Heated Inserts with Cozy Bed Socks Men and Women size- Free Shipping. Snookiz Pink Socks with Heated Inserts for Women- Free Shipping. Snookiz Red Booties with Heated Inserts for Women- Free Shipping.

Complete Heated Footwear Solutions

Snookiz heated solutions collection is based on innovating heated inserts which are the source of warmth.

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What is Snookiz?

The new Snook-Ease technology:

Do you suffer from cold feet?

You are not alone. 20% of the population in the USA suffers from cold feet because of aging, illness, and poor blood circulation.

Snookiz can help balance your body temperature with our innovative exterior heating solution.

How Snookiz Work?

The new Sook-Ease technolagy

Snookiz channels heat directly to thermoreceptors in the soles of the feet, which elevates the body’s core temperature.

With Snookiz you can personalize the level of heat that's right for you.

It's easy, simple, and it works!

Why Snookiz?

Tha new Snook-Ease technolagy

Snookiz exclusively combines plush fabrics and natural, mineral-based materials to keep you warm.

Snookiz  technology and inserts are made in the USA.

How to heat Snookiz inserts